As an owner of a two-lot subdivision or in a multi-storey high rise building, you want to make sure your dollars are being spent effectively. That’s why Abacus Strata provides a range of Strata Management services for your strata complex.

Our services include the following:

Providing financial management of your accounts. We prepare these in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.

Notification of levies to owners with payments provided directly into your Owners Corporation Trust account.

Manage debtors for the Owners Corporations by providing an accounts receivable service, which includes monitoring and taking appropriate action to manage accounts in arrears.

Issuing work orders for qualified and approved contractors to undertake necessary work on your complex.

Sourcing competitive insurance quotes

Arranging and attending the Annual General Meetings and committee meetings, as required.

Assisting in resolving disputes within your complex.

Preparing and maintaining all documentation in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations.

Talk to us to see if we can assist you by providing strata management for your complex.

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