Strata Builders & Developers

Strata Builders & Developers

If you’re a builder or developer of a strata complex, then you need to focus your time and resources on completing your project cost effectively and with high quality. However, you may not have had time to consider establishing an Owners Corporation.

Abacus Strata assists Strata Builders and Developers by providing strata development consultancy to help establish an effective Owners Corporation. We work with builders and developers on a range of development types, from small town house developments to multi story apartment buildings and gated communities.

Abacus Strata provides builders and developers Strata Development Consulting Services, Owners Corporation Establishment and Management Services.
We ensure the successful establishment of your Owners Corporation by:


  • Preparing an inaugural Budget and Maintenance Plan forecast
  • Working closely with your marketing agent to promote the integrity of the initial budget
  • Establishing books, records, common seal and statutory documents
  • Planning and allocating lot liabilities and entitlements
  • Providing input and advice in relation to the by-laws
  • Registering plans, rules and other relevant documents with the Land Registry office
  • Establishing additional or special Owners Corporation rules specific to each property
  • Providing budget and levy analysis
  • Assisting with dealing with local and government authorities relating to management issues
  • Arranging Strata insurance in accordance with state legislative requirements
  • Designing and planning the common property areas

Talk to us during the pre-construction phase of your project to start planning the establishment of the Owners Corporation. This will help you to have an effective and streamlined handover at the end of your project.

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